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Our Founding Team


Jasper Malcolmson

Skylight is using technology to radically improve the home renovation process.  We are a digital renovation service provider, helping homeowners with everything required for a successful renovation from design through construction.

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Fiona Lake Waslander


Josh Levitan

Careers at Skylight

As a well funded early stage company, we are looking for top talent to join our team and fuel our growth.

Who we are

Meet Jasper Malcolmson, our CEO

Skylight is founded by a group of technology executives with extensive backgound founding and managing technology companies.

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"Skylight is the ideal place for an individual who wants to be both early and influential at an ambitious organization."

What we do

We acquire homeowners seeking to do a renovation, then leverage a digital model of the client’s home to do all the design and construction preparation to ensure a successful project. We partner with local contractors and guarantee a perfect delivery of their renovation.

Join the team!

Skylight places a high value on building a diverse team, and a key goal for us is achieving gender parity and a culturally diverse team.

The right people for our team will have general problem solving, organization, communication, and analytical skills, on top of their functional experience. They will be intelligent and driven. In addition they will have passion for participation and execution in a small company with an entrepreneurial environment.

Meet Michael Gentili, our CTO

Our company HQ and customers are in the San Francisco Bay area but most of our team is based out of Toronto. We occasionally work together in person, but we primarily work remotely via video conference, which is a big part of how we remain highly productive across the team.

Michael Gentili


"It's never been a better time to start a technology business"

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